Love your home and let it love you back, because it will. Surround yourself with clarity and comfort, add a little luxury wherever you can, and let your personality imbue every detail. If you then love what you see and what you feel, you’re loving and luxuriating in the very essence of you. Your life feels bigger and better.

My ethos in interiors embodies the heart of home: serenity, security and sensuality. It’s about creating a space for you where you feel entirely at ease and able to rest and recharge, on your own, in your relationship, with your family and with friends – so you can feel better about your world.

And why would it be any different in the workspace? If you spend the majority of your waking hours in rooms outside the home, allowing those spaces to reflect your personality and your vision can hugely enhance your  own enjoyment of the professional environment, as well as offering a warmer, more personable workplace for clients, for those who work with you or for you. 

I offer interior design and art consultation, helping to create spaces you come alive in, and finding artworks you can’t live without.

The Italian architect Renzo Piano once said,

‘I am more and more convinced that art can save the world. And beauty can save the world. It’s not just a stupid or romantic idea; it’s quite true.’

Art and beauty -  let them save your world.


My Story

Henrietta is an interior designer working predominantly in Sydney and on the south coast of NSW. She has a degree in art history and a deep passion for Australian and New Zealand contemporary art, at both ends of the profile spectrum. Her love for art informs her design style, which she describes as eclectic, individual, and disinclined to follow the rules.